World Spine Day: Motion

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World Spine Day: Motion

As well as balance and alignment, motion is essential for good spinal health. It helps keep your discs hydrated so they can act like shock absorbers. Also if you are nice and flexible you spread the load throughout your spine rather than overloading one particular region. Keeping your spine moving is important, whatever your age.

Chiropractic treatment has its main focus on spinal and joint mobility.

Pilates and yoga are great exercises to increase movement in your spine.

If you feel you do not have as much movement in your spine as you should do, try a rehabilitation session with our qualified chiropractor, Petina Solly, to get you moving again.

World Spine Day 2016 have put together some exercises to help you incorporate balance, alignment and motion into your daily routine. Download a copy of the exercises here. There is also a version for children to joint in here.

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