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We understand that the prospect of coming to the Chiropractor can in some instances cause a degree of unease. We hope that this information will allay any of those uneasy feeling and instead help you feel that you will be in safe hands and that soon you will have an idea of how your condition can be improved and how long it will be before you are feeling on the road to recovery.
This usually lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. On your arrival at the clinic you will be asked to fill in some paperwork including a health questionnaire and a consent form (we are responsible for ensuring you are happy to consent to our examination and treatment and for us to hold your medical records in accordance to the data protection act). If you have any X-rays, Mri scans or reports from other practitioners pertinent to your condition please bring these to your appointment. In the case of babies and under 5’s please bring their Red health record book

You will then see your Chiropractor for your initial consultation. This forms two parts, a thorough medical history and then a full physical examination. The Medical history is basically a fact finding mission to help us to diagnose your problem accurately and will involve questions about your condition your general health and that of your direct family.

The physical examination will be appropriate and thorough. Patients are often asked to undress into a gown for this so that we can see your problem area. Chiropractors are trained in orthopaedic and neurological examination, patients are often surprised at how much we test in order to accurately diagnose your problem.
After this the chiropractor will sit down will you and give you a full “report of findings”. This is to give you a diagnosis of your condition but more importantly it is an opportunity for us to explain your problem to you and help you to understand how you can help yourself.

The majority of patients we see can be offered chiropractic treatment some to start immediately, some however may need to be referred on for further tests for example an xray or MRI scan and some may need to be referred back to their Gp or onwards to a specialist if their condition requires this. Whatever the case is we strive to provide you the smoothest transition to quickly receive treatment you require.

Treatment from a chiropractor usually involves manipulation of the spine and extremities. Cranial work may be used in some situations. We also aim to provide self-help advice and find patients who are able to comply with this advice respond fastest to care and are soon out of pain.
Treatment visits are shorter than the initial consultation lasting approximately 15 minutes – we will adjust the time according to your individual needs. Initially your treatments will be close together to help get you symptom free they will then space out until your condition stabilises at which point we will offer you advise on how to stay healthy and symptom free for the future.
Throughout your Chiropractic treatment you will be regularly re-examined so that we will monitor your progress to ensure you are responding appropriately to care. Most patients have a small examination at every treatment and regular reviews so that you are fully informed of your progress.