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Why Choose us

We understand that prospective patients will want to shop around and find the clinic and chiropractor that best suits their needs> we have aimed to set ourselves high standards in all the services we provide from our front desk reception team to the chiropractors and therapists we choose to work with to offer a service we hope anyone would feel privileged to receive.

We are Effective

Chiropractic is a proven and effective treatment. We believe the skill and expertise demonstrated by our chiropractors is amongst the best available in the country. We constantly strive to improve treatments with our chiropractors regularly attending Continued Professional Development Seminars to keep up to date with developments in the profession.
In a study comparing chiropractic with hospital treatments Prof. T Meade concluded. “Chiropractic confers significant and lasting benefits when compared to NHS Physiotherapy”. He found that chiropractic was the most effective way of treating back pain in the trial.

We provide a Friendly service

We are owned and run by our partners who have worked in the Godalming community for over 19 years between them. We believe it is important that we treat you as an individual and we tailor our care to your needs. Everyone who visits us is given the time for a thorough examination and a full explanation of the causes of their problem before treatment is started.

We offer an extensive Service

Quick access to care is essential – waiting weeks to see a specialist or to start treatment reduces the chances for a quick recovery.

Our appointments are available within days and at convenient times – such as early morning and evening.
We have a comprehensive range of treatments available.
Getting you going and out of pain is what we are best at. We have therefore strived to have extensive treatments options available. Importantly, treatment also contains advice on exercise and activities to help keep you fit, and out of trouble in the future.

We conduct ourselves Professionally

All our Chiropractors are members of the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), and patients enjoy the protection in law that comes from our registration with the General Chiropractic Council.

Our Values

Professional: Our chiropractors being state regulated and insured to the highest levels. We offer a standard of service we would be happy to receive.

Effective: The treatments we offer can provide a rapid route to recovery for a range of often painful conditions.

Friendly: Our aim is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for both those using our services and those who work with us.

Service: Appointments are available at times to suit our patients including times outside the normal working day. We strive to offer a range of techniques to cater for most individuals.

Local: We are proud to be a part of the treatments available locally and often refer to other professions locally to help guide patients who may need further assistance from other practitioner. If you wish to complain about our service, please let us know. We have a practice complaints procedure that conforms to national guidelines to help solve problems quickly.