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World Spine Day: Facts About The Spine

In celebration of World Spine Day 2016, here is some information about our amazing spines


The spinal cord is the highway for communication between the body and the brain. When the spinal cord is injured, the exchange of information between the brain and other parts of the body is disrupted.

As babies, we have 33 vertebrae but as adults we have only 26. Four of the remaining bones fuse to make our coccyx and five fuse to create the back of the sacrum.

The spinal cord is only 1cm thick and does not continue to grow past the age of five.

Only the top 24 bones are moveable; the vertebrae of the sacrum and coccyx are fused.

giraffe-614141_1280Humans and giraffes have the same number of bones in their neck, despite a giraffe’s neck can be up to six feet long and the average human neck is less than five inches. Almost all mammals have seven vertebrae in their necks.

The cervical vertebrae in the neck are sometimes referred to as Atlas, referencing the Greek mytholocial Atlas who was burdened with carrying the world on the top of his shoulders (much like the neck supports and carries the weight of the head).

One quarter of the spine’s length is made up from cartilage.

astronautCartilage discs expand in the absence of gravity and astronauts returning from space may be 1.5-2 inches taller than when they left. Gravity’s effect on cartilage is also the cause of humans shrinking between a quarter of an inch and five inches every decade after the age of 40.

We are generally taller in the morning then at night because of the

World Spine Day: Motion

As well as balance and alignment, motion is essential for good spinal health. It helps keep your discs hydrated so they can act like shock absorbers. Also if you are nice and flexible you spread the load throughout your spine rather than overloading one particular region. Keeping your spine moving is important, whatever your age.

Chiropractic treatment has its main focus on spinal and joint mobility.

Pilates and yoga are great exercises to increase movement in your spine.

If you feel you do not have as much movement in your spine as you should do, try a rehabilitation session with our qualified chiropractor, Petina Solly, to get you moving again.

World Spine Day 2016 have put together some exercises to help you incorporate balance, alignment and motion into your daily routine. Download a copy of the exercises here. There is also a version for children to joint in here.

World Spine Day: Alignment

posture-alignmentOne of the most important things to keep your spine health healthy is alignment. This means watching how the head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles line up with each other. Good alignment of the body puts less stress on the spine and helps you have good posture.

Our spinal cord is the highway for communication between the body and the brain. If the information cannot pass through due to your spine being out of alignment, this can cause problems in other parts of the body as well as your back. It can cause pinched or trapped nerves which leave pain or numbness in other parts of the body, such as the legs or hands.

To improve your spinal alignment, why not try to build the exercises provided by World Spine Day into your daily routine? You can find the exercises for adults here and the exercises for children here.

Chiropractic care can help with improving posture. If you think you might need help from us, please contact us for a free chiro check. Additionally, yoga and pilates classes are excellent for exercises to work on spinal alignment. We have pilates classes running here at the clinic on Wednesday afternoons and yoga classes running on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

World Spine Day: Balance


Balance is the ability to control the body’s position, either stationary or whilst moving. Balance is an important part of spinal health, along with alignment and motion. The benefits of balance training include improvements to overall fitness, sports performance and injury prevention.

Balance exercises strengthen the core and back muscles. These muscles provide a supporting framework for the spine, providing strength and stability. If these muscles become weak, the spine is under additional strain to support the body and puts you at higher risk of back pain or injury.

World Spine Day is on 16th October 2016. The theme this year is “Straighten Up and Move”. It aims to emphasise the importance of healthy spinal posture and activity which promote body awareness and minimise the day-to-day wear and tear on a person’s spine. The World Spine Day campaign recommends that everyone does balance, alignment and motion exercises every day to maintain spinal health.

Try exercises 9, 10, 11 and 12 on World Spine Day’s exercise sheet to help improve your balance. There’s a version for your children to join in here.


Saturday Massage at Chiropractic Health Centre

Paule Le Royer is a qualified sports and body massage therapist who also works as a personal trainer.


She is now able to offer Saturday appointments here at the clinic. She works closely with our Chiropractors Anna and Petina.


If you would like to book with her or need some more information please speak to Jackie or Jess at reception.


Monday    3.00 – 7.00pm

Tuesday    11.00 – 2.00pm

Friday        9.30 – 2.00pm

Saturday    9.00 – 12.30pm


30 minute massage    £30.00

60 minute massage    £50.00

Mindfulness for Stress

MindSpace Works

Do you need to get some Mind Space? Are the complexities of our modern lifestyles causing stress?

If so then this 8 week Mindfulness for Stress course will help you develop the tools to see things more clearly and be able to respond rather than react, bringing some balance and perspective to your life.

Not sure? Try a one hour taster session to find out more about how mindfulness can help.



We can’t stop the waves, but we can learn to surf – Jon Kabat-Ziinn


The first taster session will be on Tuesday 27th September 2016 7-8pm

At the Chiropractic Health Centre, Godalming.

The cost of the taster session is £5 which will be refunded if an 8 week course is booked.

Please pay for the taster session on the night.


The first 8 week Mindfulness for Stress course will run from

Tuesday 25th October – Tuesday 13th December 2016 7-9pm

At the Chiropractic Health Centre, Godalming.


This Mindfulness for Stress course will be run at a discounted introductory rate of £60 per person. This price covers tuition, workbooks, & meditation practice CDs that are yours to keep.

There is an early bird rate of £50 if paid by 8th October 2016.


Spaces are limited and booking is essential.

Contact: Collette Cousins 07773 386858

Web: www.mindspaceworks.com/book-a-course

Email: collette@mindspaceworks.com

Back to School: Children’s Posture

43166742 - the words school's back being written on a small elementary blackboard with various paints, crayons and pencils on a school desk.

Now the holidays are nearly over and children are going back to school and spending more time at their desks, it is important to ensure that they keep moving. Petina Solly from Chiropractic Health Centre offers some top tips to help safeguard your child’s posture as they return to school. Try weekend family walks and sports activities at school to keep fit and keep back muscles fit and healthy. When playing on a games console or watching TV, kids should be encouraged to take a break on a regular basis and stretch their arms, shrug their shoulders and move their fingers around – this helps to keep the muscles more relaxed. Every 20 minutes or so is ideal.

When sitting at a desk, ensure your child’s arms are relaxed and resting on the desk when typing, which will give some much needed support. The top of the screen should be level with the eyebrows, so you might need to put the monitor on a book or ream of paper. A laptop computer can also be used this way if a plug-in keyboard is used; using a laptop away from a desk really does encourage poor posture, so it’s best to limit time spent in this way. The desk chair should be tilted slightly forward, allowing for the knees to be lower than the hips. Feet should always be flat on the floor.

The lighter your child keeps their school/college bag the better. Teenagers tend to have a lot of heavy books and different pieces of

Amy Barnett Yoga

Chiropractic Health Centre has welcomed Amy Barnett to teach Ashtanga yoga (Rocket sequence). Amy’s class is a dynamic fast paced Vinyasa class, open to all levels of ability.

Intimate classes of 6 are running on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am and Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm. Both classes lastamy yoga approximately 60 minutes. Mats are provided, please bring a towel and water.

First class is free (booking is essential), subsequent classes are £10 per class or £50 for 6 classes.

For bookings or more information please contact Amy on 07939 0625397 or yogawithamy@hotmail.com.


Yin Yoga sessions at Chiropractic Health Centre

Interested in trying something new?

Chiropractic Health Centre Godalming are pleased to announce that Lesley Jones will be joining us to provide Yin Yoga classes

We are providing taster sessions on Tuesday 17th June and Saturday 21st June at 9:15am

Please contact us on 01483 801160 or 07970375381, alternatively please email at info@chiropractic-healthcentre.com to book or find out more.

More details on what Yin Yoga is and the benefits can be found here  Yin Yoga Information Flyer

Back Care Awareness Week – 7th October 2013

Back Care Week is next week 7-11th October.  This year’s focus is on Carers and the huge number who injure themselves whilst caring for loved ones.  The BCA has set out some sensible easy to follow guidelines we’d like to share with you.

Free 15 minute Chiropractic check during Back Care Week, just mention this post.

Download our article here:

Back Care Week